Clash Royale Best Decks To Rank Up Your Trophies

Clash Royale’s playstyle keeps evolving with every new update released (which happens constantly.) This makes it hard for players to stick to the deck they male. One of the toughest units used to be Royal Giant not a long time ago as it dealt a great amount of damage. However, it lost its reputation because the statics were deliberately changed by Supercell in order for other units to have a fair chance. Decks should be changed by players every once in a while for situations like this. If you want to boost your victory in the arena, you should read the two guides we provided below.

Units: Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Cannon Cart, Inferno Dragon, Hunter, Ice Golem, Log, and Poison

This elixir deck is both simple and low-cost. These units can be used in almost every situation. In front of Hog Rider, you can use Ice Golem, even the strongest units like Pekka and Golem can be easily stopped using the power of Inferno Dragon, and if you need defense again, fast units like Elite Barbarians and Mega Minion Hunter and Valkyrie should do.

Units: Zap, Bats, Miner, Mortar, Cannon Cart, Rascals, Goblins Gang and Spear Goblins

The great advantage that this deck offers is its very low elixir cost. In no time you can quickly spin back to the starting units. Its rotation is fast so your opponents can be easily outclassed. If you want to gain extra advantage, you should try deploying bats behind Rascals or Cannon Cart. If you need to divert big units like Elite Barbarians and Prince you should use Goblins Gang, but keep in mind that these tiny goblins can be smashed by Dark Prince with one hit.

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