iPhone 11 to Feature a 3D Camera System and New Improvements

The triple camera Apple fans were dreaming of will no longer find its place on one of the iPhones from the trio the company will release this year. However, the other two cameras can be improved, one of them becoming capable of detecting in 3D, something that the other smartphone flagships that will be launched this year will probably not have.

A 3D camera system

Bloomberg claims in their latest report that a 3D camera system is already being worked on by Apple as they want to bring more augmented reality to their fans in the near future.

Even though we already are familiar with the 3D scanning as Face ID uses it to detect faces from 15cm away, thanks to this new camera the environment will be scanned on a wider scale from a far longer distance as it will be placed on the rear.

How will the company make this come true? What if it can’t?

A laser system will be used by Apple in order to make this camera work. In addition to that, it might also be backed by a processing chip that is more powerful than the one in the current iPhones.

In case Apple is not able to get this project done before the mass production of the iPhone 11, they will probably stick to offering an additional camera. A wider field of view should be captured by this camera along with enhancing optical zoom. With that being said, the phone will need more complex software tools to make this work.

So…what happens in the end?

Even though iPhone 11 will not be the first phone to feature a 3D camera system maybe its predecessor from 2020, iPhone 12, will. Until then we can at least be excited about the triple lens camera system.

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