Brawl Stars: What’s with Gene and When Will We Get Him?

Many of the players have started asking where Gene is and what his attacks will be this time. He was supposed to make its appearance at the end of January, with the update, but there was no trace of the character. We come with news!

When is Gene going to join us?

We don’t have an exact date. However, we know for sure that the day will soon come. The team behind the game confirmed that Gene would make its appearance somewhere in the middle of February. They will probably release him as a part of the mid-month update.

We hoped it would come with the update that just dropped some days ago when we got a new map and new skins for Poco, Rico, and Bull. We also got other various tweaks for the game mode, and other patches and buffs for pretty much every character.

Gene’s moves

Some Reddit users were able to play with Gene recently. This is how we were able to see what moves Gene has. We also got info about his health and damage.

His basic attacks will consist of a solid ball of magical smoke. If the smoke does not hit anyone, then the ball will split into smaller smoke balls that will go in a cone formation.

He’s able to grab and bring the enemy towards you. This is the best thing that could’ve happen for the Gem Grab game mode, where you can grab a player who is running away with your gems.

Given the fact that this is a new character, some time will have to pass until people will be okay with fighting against it. His moves are pretty predictable, but his normal attack is surprising.

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