Brawl Stars Latest Gameplay Changes and Improvements

In a new update on their website, the Brawl Stars team announced that they were introducing an optional update with several improvements and bug fixes. This update had already gone live a few hours ago. The previous update brought a ton of buffs and nerfs to brawlers, and we’ll expect to see more in the future, considering that the latest revealed brawler – Gene, hasn’t yet made his appearance in the game.

Let’s see what the optional update brings in term of gameplay changes, according to the Brawl Stars blog post:

  •     Hide Nita, Frank and Mortis star power projectiles from the enemy team (to not reveal where the brawler is)
  •     Fixed a bug that caused destroying of bone piles to sometimes destroy walls close to them
  •     Increased Respawn time in Brawl Ball from 5 to 7 seconds
  •     Tweaks to “Pool Party” Brawl Ball map

Don’t you think that they forgot about matchmaking! Although not many players were pleased with this update, there’s nothing they can do but hope the Brawl Stars further improve matchmaking in the future.

The team has also added “pooled” matchmaking which is based on the total trophies of the players:

        Playing in a game room uses the highest pool that a player has in the room (for example if a 450 Total Trophy player plays with a 2500 Total Trophy player they will play in the higher 2500 Total Trophy pool)

Other changes are:

  •     Play Again is now enabled at over 150 Trophies
  •     Prevention mechanism for trophy push exploit

That’s for the latest maintenance and the new features it has introduced.

Meanwhile, players are waiting for the new Mythic Brawler Gene which should be introduced soon, wrote the Brawl Stars team when they announced it. Gene will be a support brawler that has impressive utility in grabbing and engaging enemies from afar, dragging them to his location for some pummeling!

In addition to the latest changes, Brawl Stars players are now enjoying the Lunar Brawl event which began on 31 January and brought three new skins along: Dumpling Darryl, Lion Dance Brock, and Royal Agent Colt.

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