Crackdown 3 Launch Trailer Came Out

Crackdown franchise launched in 2007 when the first installment in the series rolled out for Xbox 360. Back then, the game was quick to turn into a very successful title, attracting the fans with its superhero-like fantasy action. This month, the third installment in the series is due to come out. Crackdown 3 would roll out on February 15th, but until then, the Crackdown 3 launch trailer came out showing more from the game’s action.

The new Crackdown 3 trailer came out during the latest episode of Inside Xbox, and it follows the many teasers and reports stating that further details about Crackdown 3 would come out. At the beginning of Inside Xbox, Terry Crew himself answered some questions about the upcoming installment in the Crackdown franchise. He said that the game would come with “vehicles tossed around, structures destroyed, and giant mechs bunched off rooftops to create what’ll hopefully be as loud and chaotic of a game as it claims to be,” as Comicbook reported.

Crackdown 3 Launch Trailer Came Out

Terry Crews plays the role of one of the few Agents that the players can choose to play Crackdown 3. The actor also talked about how it was like for him to interpret one of the characters in the game and then play with himself in Crackdown. Crackdown 3 would roll out on February 15th for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Therefore, it would be a Microsoft-system-exclusive title, so PlayStation 4 users cannot enjoy this superhero-themed fantasy actions.

Also, Microsoft revealed details about the game’s modes, such as Wrecking Zone, the destructive PvP mode in Crackdown 3, where buildings, cars, and everything else can be entirely destructed. It seems, though, that the online multiplayer modes in Crackdown 3 are only playable by Xbox Live members. Now, we’re only eight days apart to see precisely how Crackdown 3 looks like, but, in the meantime, you can enjoy the Crackdown 3 launch trailer below:

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