Showbox for iOS – Availability on Apple devices

Netflix pioneered the streaming service industry by offering a rich package of TV series, shows and movies from all genres. The service is loved by millions of people from all over the world but the monthly subscription fee is too expensive for some prospective users.

Showbox is streaming service that allows users to watch their favorite content for free. The app became very popular among Android users and many people from all over the world used the app.

Questionable status

The main issue with Showbox is represented by the grey nature of the service. While the content is available for free, it uses P2P technology in order to deliver it. This means that users are basically streaming torrents, a fact that has brought the ire of several movie studios.  The content which is streamed by Showbox is protected by copyright laws and while the users aren’t downloading pirated content they are actively committing copyright-infringement by using the app in order to watch unlicensed content.

A handful of independent studios went after the app and the sites that promoted it in a lawsuit. A settlement was reached and the sites that continue to offer the app will now display an ominous banner which notes that Showbox isn’t legal and by using the app you can be tracked down and charged for copyright-infringement by movie studios and other third-parties that own the license for the content that was streamed.

The right sources

Another problem is posed by the fact that a large number of APKs which can be found on the internet are in fact modified files that have the chance to contain a high-risk virus.

Availability on Apple devices

Apple enforces clear rules when it comes to apps and it likely that a Showbox version for iOS won’t appear any time soon. Some sites will advertise an iOS version but the developers of the app have announced in the past that that the app is aimed at Android users. Those that really want to use it are able to jailbreak their device and install an Android emulator but the steps are quite complicated and the app isn’t exactly stable.

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