Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How Will the Character Change?

With all the things coming around Final Fantasy 7, the game doesn’t really need much introduction. It’s a very iconic series in the game world. We’ve seen that it was absent from E3 2018. We know what you think: it’s number 7, and the series has released the 15th installment, but this isn’t really a problem. The story of the next game follows the battle between Shinra Corporation, which is that corporation that’s corrupt, and the eco-tourist organization that’s called Avalanche. Shinra Corporation wants to destroy the planet.

They will change the visuals in the story

For this version, the graphics will be new and all done from 0, thanks to Unreal Engine 4. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake will leave the impression of a present-day scenario, even if the original design of the game has made its appearance two decades ago. Because of the fact that they do a HD remake, the visuals will probably be more practical than they were before, even if Square Enix has worked really hard to get over the entire stylized nature of the game.

However, each character and every location for the game will be the exact same as we know them, but without the entire polygonal mess. We don’t really want to see a new Midgar, designed with the present-day in mind – just imagine that change of look.

The new game is supposed to be a JRPG and will probably revolutionize the world of gaming since 1997. Fans are waiting forward for the release of the remake of the original game, with this whole idea of present-day in mind.

The team behind the game has announced its plans on putting the game on PlayStation 4. We don’t know much in this matter though.

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