Squish Machine Update: Best Tips and Tricks To Succeed

Jump around

It is not hard to use the controls in the Squish Machine. One button allows you to go right, another one to go left and a third one to jump. It is essential that you learn when to jump and do not forget that the number of jumps is not limited.

No buttons should be left unpressed

While trying to pass each level, the primary goal is to press the buttons. Make sure that you know exactly how many need to be pressed.

Logical order

Buttons should not be pressed in another order, but a logical one as they are multiple of them available often. By keeping trying you will find the strategy of pushing the buttons that works best for you.

Mistakes should be learned from

In Squish Machine death is not considered a major inconvenience and that it is amazing because all you need to do to come back to life is to watch a short advert. You might need to do that multiple times as you get used to the game. This generous restart system allows you to take as many risks as possible. Even though some coins might seem hard to grab, you have all the time in the world to try.

Surviving means adapting

A different tactic should be used per each level. Sometimes you need to put all your speed in while sometimes you only need to make sure that you do not face any enemies or other such obstacles that might end your life.

Do not miss the clues

During the level, you play many subtle visual clues that will often come up. For example, the laser cannons you will see as you advance have light up strips that fire once they are all lit up. Make sure to keep an eye out for the hints.

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