Angry Birds 2 2.25.3 Update Is Now Available With New Levels And Improvements

Angry Birds was, and still is, to some extent, one of the most popular games on Android and iOS. Angry Birds 2, its sequel, features the same favorite birds and the greenish evil pigs that stole their eggs. The action is quite similar to that of the first release in the franchise. Now, Angry Birds 2 2.25.3 update rolled out with new levels and improvements.

Rewarded with the Android Excellence Game of 2018 medal, Angry Birds 2 is, therefore, an excellent, fun mobile game. Also, all the fun and gameplay of the classic Angry Birds games are still available in Angry Birds 2, plus some new additions.

In Angry Birds 2, you can choose the birds to put in the slingshot, level up them to get new skills, complete daily challenges to get instant rewards, earn coins in the new Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp, and compete in the arenas with other players for additional prizes. And that’s not all, as Angry Birds 2 also allows players to join clans and enjoy hundreds of levels in new, colorful worlds.

Also, Angry Birds 2, just like its predecessors, is entirely free to play but comes with in-app purchases.

Angry Birds 2 2.25.3 Update Is Now Available With New Levels And Improvements

Angry Birds 2 is, as we’ve already established above, one of the most popular mobile games, enjoying a vast database of players, as millions of gamers around the world play it. Nonetheless, it’s coming with additional features in comparison with the first installment in the franchise.

Now, Angry Birds 2 2.25.3 update came out. It contains several new additions, as well as some bug fixes and stability and performance improvements. According to the official release notes of the Angry Birds 2 2.25.3, this update comes with the following:

  • 2 New chapters with new levels.
  • Minor fixes. Just pecking at a few bugs. Delicious!

You can already download the new Angry Birds 2 2.25.3 from Google Play Store.

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