Metro Exodus Can Only Be Pre-Loaded on Steam and not on Epic Games Store

The latest news came as a punch into the face for all those who pre-ordered Metro Exodus on Epic Games Store. So close to its release, but so disappointing to many Metro Exodus fans that were waiting to play the game.

According to the official Twitter account for the Metro series, everyone who bought the game on Steam will be able to pre-load it before the launch of the game. But Deep Silver and Epic Games said that the PC version would be an Epic Games store exclusive. However, all pre-orders on Steam would be honored, and everyone who bought it on Steam can download the game early and play it through the Steam launcher, added Metro Exodus in a tweet:

Just to confirm – Metro Exodus pre-load for existing Steam pre-order customers WILL HAPPEN, and we will announce expected start time in due course.

The bad news is that whoever didn’t buy the game before it transitioned to Epic Games, had to buy it through the Epic Games store. Now, instead of Epic Games announcing it, Metro Exodus did it on Twitter, saying that whoever purchased the game will not be able to pre-load it through Epic Games store:

Obviously, players are not happy considering they cannot pre-load the game after buying it through the Epic Games Store. Valve also called the transition from Steam to Epic Games store “unfair,” considering it was done so close to the release date.

Metro Exodus will release on 15 February on PC via Epic Games Store and on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Players that bought it on Steam will be able to download and install the game before the day of release and play it on 15 February. If you have it on Epic Games Store, you will be able to download and install Metro Exodus on 15 February, which means you’ll be a few hours (or even a day – depending on you internet connection speed) later in the game compared to the ones that pre-loaded the game on Steam.

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