Hacked Spotify, Pokemon Go, Minecraft, and Many More Got Released to the Public. What Has Apple to Say About This

Apparently, some “pirates” have hacked some of the apps in order to share them for the public. Among those apps, there is Spotify, Pokemon Go, Angry Birds, Minecraft and even other apps from Apple.

Some illegal software distributors. Like TutuApp or AppValley have somehow found ways to make the most out of digital certificates in order to get access to a program that Apple has released to let corporations share business apps to the employees, without having to go through the App Store.

Apple is certainly not happy

By using these developer certificates, the “pirates” are giving to the public modified versions of many popular apps, the thing that lets them stream music without having to deal with all the ads and the fees, especially when talking about games. This way, Apple doesn’t even get its revenue.

They are breaking the rules of Apple’s developer programs, which basically only lets apps to be shared to the public through the App Store. By downloading the modified versions of the apps, you don’t take into account the terms of service of all the apps. These illegal distributors did not comment on the matter.

What does Apple want to do on this matter?

Also, Apple cannot track the sharing of these certificates, and they cannot just sit and verify if the apps are not properly shared or if they are even modified. However, they can cancel the certificates if they find them.

Apple stated that those who get certificates and are trying to trick the company will have their certificates terminated and will be removed from the Developer Program completely. They are ready to take action when they find the illegal distributors.






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