Pass Microsoft MTA 98-364 Certification Database Fundamentals exam for Database Professionals

Database is the first and foremost component of any network that ensures its safety. Whether it’s a wired or a wireless network, it needs protection from viruses, spam, and malware attacks. How can you protect your company’s network from these types of digital threats? Both wired and wireless networks can be protected via encryption, permissions, firewalls, passwords, and policies. Through the Microsoft Database Fundamentals (98-364) exam, you will learn everything about network Database. Apart from understanding the core fundamentals of multiple Database layers of a network and the ways of setting up Windows OS Database, you will discover each and every important aspect of IT Database.

Wherever your company uses a wired or a wireless network, it can become a target of multiple Database threats. With the help of the Database Fundamentals exam, any aspiring IT Database expert will learn the fundamentals of the network Database layers, understand the step-by-step process of removing different types of viruses and spyware from the network, learn how to update Windows operating system Database in a network, and how to activate firewalls, UTM, VPNs for maintaining network Database, and gain other valuable skills. The student will learn about making effective Database software solutions.

The Microsoft 98-364 exam covers technology areas, including wireless Database, Windows operating system Database, firewalls, UTM, VPNs, different troubleshooting tools, software, web development and Windows development fundamentals, database and networking fundamentals, system administrator and Database fundamentals, etc. Thus, the test taker will learn everything about different network Database components through this preparation course. After successfully completing the MTA Database Fundamentals certification test, you will be able to understand and use the following features:

  • Different network Database layers
  • Windows operating system Database
  • Network Database
  • Database software
  • Authorization, authentication, and accounting
  • Important network Database policies
  • Protecting different network components (servers and clients) from malicious attacks

Details of the Microsoft 98-364 exam

The total number of questions that the candidates need to answer usually varies between 30 and 50. Since there is no official information from Microsoft regarding the exact number of questions in the MTA 98-364 exam, you cannot be sure how many of them you will face. Usually, the test includes multiple-choice questions, which will present you with 4 options, and you will have to choose one or several right answers. Additionally, the exam has no negative scoring. This means that even if give a wrong answer, no points will be deducted from your final score, so you can guess some answers! Some of the questions in this certification test carry more than one correct answer. In that case, you need to mark all of them to get points for the question. The passing score of this certification test is 700. You need to complete the exam within the time limit of 50 minutes. You definitely need to practice well and complete as many mock tests as possible.

Why should you take the Microsoft98-364 exam?

If you are a fresh candidate and want to grow your career in the network Database domain, then you should take this certification test. The 98-364 exam is for those IT professionals who want to deal with Database threats to the networks of their companies. As the certified IT experts are always in high demand, this credential is your chance of getting a job position of your dream! Through the MTA training course, the aspiring students will learn everything about wired and wireless networks, as well as their Database fundamentals. Those who pass the test successfully will build a strong understanding of the basics of network Database and Windows operating system Database. Take the Microsoft 98-364 exam and stand out from the crowd of similar job seekers to get a desired position in the network Database domain.

How to prepare for the Microsoft 98-364 exam?

The PrepAway Microsoft MTA 98-364 practice test covers almost all the topics related to the network Database fundamentals. In order to pass the exam, the aspirants need to build an understanding of topics like network Database layers, Database software, and Windows operating system Database. The training course for MTA 98-364 can be really helpful. Any candidate is highly recommended to go through this preparation program, which content is almost identical to that of the Microsoft Official Academic Course.

If the aspirants learn the topics of the training course thoroughly, then they can easily pass the 98-364 exam. But remember that in order to do this, you need to practice literally day and night. If it is your first certification test, it is recommended that you go through online exam dump files and also practice previous questions of the same test. Go through the old Database Fundamentals exam questions and keep practicing. If clearly comprehend the concepts regarding network Database, then you will be able to pass the exam with flying colors.

Does the Microsoft 98-364 exam have any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for taking the Database Fundamentals certification exam. As it is one of the company’s newest tests, it is currently very popular. The IT employers are looking for the professionals with this credential. As there are no prerequisites for taking the exam, you can try to obtain the certificate even if you are a new worker in the IT industry. This will give you a great advantage while looking for a job in the network Database domain, as well as validate your fundamental knowledge and skills in this area. Begin building a strong career by passing the Microsoft 98-364 certification exam.

This test is an appropriate entry point that can make you develop your future career in the field of network Database. So, be sure to grab this opportunity and enroll in the training course for this exam. Even if you have just general IT and networking knowledge, it may help you in passing the 98-364 exam. Any IT professional who is interested in performing well in the network Database domain is advised to obtain this credential that will serve as a stepping stone for your future career.

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