Rovio Still Optimistic: The Company Sees Sales Growth in 2019, Even After a Weak Fourth Quarter

We all know that the Angry Birds mobile game series was made by Ravio Entertainment. Its sales are expected to grow a lot this year, given the fact that there is a new game launch and a movie release – the sequel for the first Angry Birds movie.

Rovio was listed in Helsinki in September 2017, and it is very dependent on the Angry Birds brand, which first met the light of the day in 2009.

Despite the competition, they are still optimistic

Despite the fact that it met a lot of competition, the company reported the fourth-quarter operating profit of 5.3 million euros (that’s $6 million). We understand that the sales have dipped with 1.7% from a year ago, leading to 72.7 million euros.

The prediction for Ravio with regards to the 2019 sales is to rise to 300 million euros from the 281.2 million from last year.

There’s a sequel happening right now for Angry Birds

The movie for Angry Birds from 2016, which, by the way, earned about $350 million in the box office, is currently waiting for its sequel, that is programmed to meet the light of the day in August.

Hatch’s part in the story

The company said that they expect the movie and the marketing around it to boost their business and to make people want to play the game. Also, the company has some investments from its spin-off company, called Hatch (they own about 80% of it), which plans to build a streaming service, but for mobile games.

They are looking for external funding for Hatch, and they are ready to reduce the ownership in Hatch to 50% or less.

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