Fortnite v7.40 Content Update Will Come Out Today

Fortnite is the most popular and appreciated Battle Royale title, at the moment. Fortnite became so popular thanks to its smooth, fun and addictive gameplay but also thanks to the Epic Games’ implication in the game, as the company is frequently releasing many content updates and hosting special events. And today, we’ll get the new Fortnite v7.40 Content Update.

While in the case of the previous Fortnite v7.30 Content Update we’ve managed to see what it would bring way before its launch, the situation is different with this upcoming Fortnite v7.40 Content Update since Epic Games kept the secrecy over this one.

Accordingly, we don’t know much about what Fortnite v7.40 Content Update would bring, despite the many speculations that emerged on the Internet. What we know for sure, however, is that the Driftboard will indeed come out along with this v7.40 update.

Fortnite v7.40 Content Update Will Come Out Today

As mentioned above, Epic Games kept the Fortnite v7.40 away from pricking eyes, so we don’t know much about what it would bring. The before-mentioned Driftboard addition to Fortnite was revealed via Message of the Day, but it leaked online way before that.

Also, according to FortniteINTEL, a limited-time mode might come out along with Fortnite v7.40 Content Update. It could be one revolving around the addition of the Driftboard, but there is no official information hinting to that, so take that rumor with a grain of salt.

But we’ll soon find out what Fortnite v7.40 Content Update would come out with because we’re only a few hours away from the official release of the new update. Epic Games, via official Fortnite page, reported the following: “Enter the battle in a whole new way! The v7.40 Content Update is driftin’ in tomorrow, February 19 at 8 AM ET (13:00 UTC). There will be no downtime.”

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