Hytale: When Will People Stop Comparing This Game with Minecraft?

Hypixel Studios, the developer of Hytale, talked about their game about the comparisons with Minecraft and how much they’ve worked on the game. They have been asked how they feel about their game being compared with Minecraft all the time and how far they’re going to go from the actual Minecraft game.

They said that it’s normal that they do this comparison thing, but blockgames is represented by a universal genre, and it’s plenty of space for something new at all times. The team has found its balance through the creation of the Minecraft server network called Hypixel, which is now one of the most largest servers with millions of players.

Given this, it is hard not to compare Hypixel Studios with the upcoming game from Minecraft’s team, and it’s understandable. However, the team hopes that these comparisons will soon fade away, as Hytale will become its own product and a recognizable brand.

Keep in mind that Hypixel Studios are planning on keeping Hytale active for a long period of time. It’s quite similar to Minecraft, which has come with regular updates to support its legacy.

About the game

The game will come with a lot of content and many tools for players. The current goal of the team is to give us a huge amount of content and to allow all the players to shine in their tools, that will be released together with the game.

The team will also provide support for the game after it gets released. As per the official description of the game, Hytale is a role-playing game that will place players in deep dungeons and towers full of rewards, that are to be found during their adventures. Players will need to support everything by doing block constructions and mini-game creations, by using many powerful tools.

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