Saints Row 5 Release Date Sooner Than Expected

We’ve all heard of Saints Row, and we all love Saints Row. This is a series loved by millions of people. Even if the series started as a clone of the GTA game, it worked really hard for people to acknowledge it. Most people got to know it when it was released across multiple platforms. The story is very catchy, and the activities and missions are really creative.

After the 4th game got released, people started to believe that maybe the developer forgot what made the game so great, and sales were not that great.

Why was the spin-off not that great?

There was also a spin-off called Agents of Mayhem, that is part of the Saints Row universe. The title didn’t really impress the critics and the fans, and this is why Deep Silver, the publisher of the series, may have wanted to stop future projects for some time. Volition, which is the developer of the game did not comment on this matter. Many believe that this happened due to the former publisher going bankrupt.

The publisher of the game was all hyped about Agents of Mayhem, and it makes the title look like the next big thing. However, the ties with the original games aren’t really there. Then poor sales happened, and there was a lot of pressure on Volition since their studio might need to get closed.

The company has not developed a new Saints Row game ever since an expansion in 2015. The lack of a good story mode was what made the spin-off so bad. Hence, people aren’t interested in Saints Row anymore.

However, there’s still hope that Saints Row 5 will be developed at some time, and that it’s all a secret for now. The community is still active, that’s for sure.

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