Blizzard Teased Fans About A New Overwatch Hero

It seems that Overwatch will soon get a new character who would be Hero 30 in the game. All that came to light thanks to a blog post on the official site of the game which contains an in-game letter that refers to a strike team led by a Captain Cuerva, dispatched to Tortuga to capture a deserter named Jean-Baptiste Augustin.

“Tortuga lies across the canal, a dark, rocky shape against the sky. My team bunked down in the hotel, and we planned to cross to the island in the morning. Our orders: to retrieve Jean-Baptiste Augustin, or, failing that, to eliminate him. I still hold out hope to talking sense into him. No one leaves Talon,” the letter reads.

After the letter reveals that Baptiste captures/kills Captain Cuerva’s men and the Captain receives a box from Baptiste, we learn that the deserter used to be one of the best men the Captain trained and that he was a medic.

Blizzard Teased Fans About A New Overwatch Hero

As you can see above, we have two new characters, in fact – Jean-Baptiste Augustin and Captain Cuerva. Each of them could be a new Overwatch hero, so we don’t know precisely which one would be the Hero 30 in the game.

Also, it might not be a suggestion to new heroes in Overwatch, but a hint to a new map set in Tortuga. However, this is less likely to happen soon since Blizzard has just released Paris map in Overwatch, along with several bug fixes and improvements.

Besides that fictional letter Blizzard revealed as a teaser on the official Overwatch site, the devs also released something intriguing on the game’s Twitter page. You can see what’s all about here. In the end, although we don’t know for sure right at this moment, Blizzard might indeed add a new Overwatch here or a new map any time soon.

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