Brawl Stars: Performance Issues – When Will They All Get Fixed?

We’ve all heard of Brawl Stars, and we’ve all seen its success. The game is amazing; however, it also comes with some general issues when it comes to the performance of it.

What are the main reasons why performance issue take place?

One thing can influence the opinion and experience of players, and that it is performs. And there are various reasons why performance can be affected. For example, some countries are farther away from the servers, and that’s why the experience can be ruined. Also, it may happen if you have older versions of Android or iOS, as well. It also happens with low-end devices.

The game gets more and more complex

We’re sure that a lot of players have problems and don’t enjoy the game as much as they’re supposed to, exactly because of these problems. However, the core problem is probably represented by the fact that every update that they add to the game, come with new features and even more content, which makes the game complex and it requires even more resources – RAM and CPU.

However, it’s understandable

It’s only been a few months ever since the game was launched for Android, and only a few weeks since the game got released globally, so it’s not that big of a deal that these bugs and performance issues exist. It’s worth mentioning that the developers were very fast to fix all of the major issues when there were some, for example, that lag that was caused by bushes on some of the devices. We need to take into account their work and appreciate the fact that they are handling these issues in order to make our performance better.



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