Final Fantasy 7 Remake: We Have a Major PS4 Release Date Hint

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one of the most waited games of 2019 that will come from Square Enix, for PlayStation 4. The game was announced during E3 in 2015, but the news made fans even more excited about the game since we’ve all been waiting for a Final Fantasy 7 Remake for a very long time.

However, after the first trailer of the gameplay made its appearance at PSX 2015, any kind of news suddenly disappeared. Without taking into account some new screenshots that got released in 2017, Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans didn’t really know anything about the game.

The game will be here sooner than expected

Well, that’s about to change. Square Enix dropped a big hint about the game – it might come sooner than expected. The company recently released its latest financial results. They showed that they are waiting for a big increase in revenue for the third quarter of this financial year. This might happen between October and December. Fans have already started to talk about the fact that the increase could happen because of the release of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake in that period.

On Reddit, on a post regarding this matter, one user said that the company expects 40-50 billion yen, which is actually do-able for both Q2 and Q3 combined. This might actually mean that Final Fantasy 7 Remake could increase the revenue, and it could also help with the Dragon Quest 11 on Nintendo Switch. Even if this really is the case, Square Enix actually hinted that more pieces of news about the game would come in 2019.

When talking about the next releases, the company said that they cannot say anything about more details right now, but that they are able to make the announcement at this year’s E3.

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