Google Fit Web-Based Shuts Down, Google Focusing On The App on Android and WearOS

Google Fit is one popular and appreciated app by many fitness enthusiasts but not only. Google Fit helps people achieve goals that lead to a healthier life. But in August 2018, Google decided to focus more on Google Fit for Android and WearOS. That’s why the company decided now to shut down Google Fit web-based version.

“Google Fit is dedicated to coaching you to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, and making healthy behavior changes easier to achieve. In the last year, we redesigned Google Fit with new activity goals based on the American Heart Association and World Health Organization physical activity recommendations, added guided breathing and home screen widgets, and hosted a New Year 30-day challenge,” Google describes its Google Fit.

” As we continue to focus efforts on adding new capabilities that enhance the mobile and smartwatch Google Fit experience, we’ll be turning off this Google Fit website on 19 March 2019. To keep tracking your activities and get coaching toward your health goals, install the Fit app on your Android phone or Wear OS smartwatch,” Google announced.

Google Fit Web-Based Shuts Down, Google Focusing On The App on Android and WearOS

The first signals that Google is planning to give up to the Google Fit web-based version emerged last year. As I’ve mentioned above, in August 2018, Google implemented some changes in Google Fit for Android, including the introduction of the Material Design, and offered the app a significant role on WearOS.

But those changes did not come to Google Fit web-based variant, signaling that Google already had in mind to drop it. However, Google Fit on the web, until now, had one essential feature the other versions lacked. Namely, it was showing users a long-term monthly view of their activity. Besides it also permitted users to log weight changes they experienced and lots of other elements that the app wasn’t recording by itself.

Unfortunately, Google Fit web-based shuts down, as Google is focusing on improving the app for Android and WearOS. Nonetheless, Google Fit users did not welcome this decision.

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