PSG Esports: New Brawl Stars Team Formed and Trapa Is Their Coach

PSG Esports have joined the Brawl Stars world recently. The game was released in 2018, and it has come to about 15 millions of players in a very short time. It was developed by Supercell, which is also the same studio that released Clash of Clans, which is available in more than ten countries all over the world.

Yassine Jaada, from Esports, said that, given how the Brawl Stars got its popularity in such a short time, the company is happy to gather a powerful team for the game.

The goal of the organization was to put one of the best teams on Brawl Stars, so they’ve come up with a team full of French players. Given this, PSG Esports now has a team of six games, and 2 out of these are mobile games. The organization considers these people as being the best team they could get for Brawl Stars. Player TwistiTwik, for example, has a score of 17.163. When talking about ranks, Tony M is the first one of the game’s leaderboard. TwistiTwik came second, and SunBentley fourth.

Trapa and his role in this team

To show that PSG Esports is serious about Brawl Stars, they hired Théodore “Trapa” Bayoux to be the couch of the team. Trapa is very known in the Mobile Sports scene in France. He first got known when he commented for Clash Royale. He’s actually called the Thierry Roland of esports. If you don’t know who that is, Roland was the top commentator for soccer in France for 59 years. Trapa is also an expert on Supercell’s games. His analysis of Brawl Stars was really important for the company. He’s not only a coach, but he’s also the official YouTuber of the organization.

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