Brawl Stars: The First Game to Make It into the Top 10 Worldwide Revenue Chart

Recently, Brawl Stars has become the first mobile phone game to get into the top 10 worldwide revenue chart ever since June of 2018.

The company’s multiplayer arena game is the first one to do this, according to some sources on the internet. It got 8th on Google Play and 13th on the App Store. This thing means that talking about the overall worldwide revenue; it got into the 10th place.

How much money does it make?

The game is believed to generate about $110 million ever since its release from December 2018. The $51m of that made only in January.

When talking about other games from the charts, we also have Candy Crush Saga, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, and Lineage M – they all increased their rankings in January.

Asia is the first one in the chart

The list was, however, full of games made by Asian companies, with seven games that came from China, South Korea, and Japan. The first one on the list was Mixi’s Monster Strike.

People still keep downloading the game around the world

It is no surprise that people like video games so much that they download a new one every day. On the worldwide download charts, the title Color Bump 3D came in the first position in January. Brawl Stars came in 5th on the App Store, and then 6th on the Google Play Store.


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