Leaked Android Q Hints Improved Features and New Changes

Android Pie may have introduced support for improved gesture-based navigation, but it seems that the stock experience is a bit disappointing.

Touchy issues

The transition from on-screen buttons to a gesture-based UI is motivated by the current trend of huge screens. While manufacturers like OnePlus, Xiaomi and Samsung have managed to personalize the new mechanic and made the experience of using navigational gesture more enjoyable. Google has received lots of complaints, and most of them come from Google Pixel users. It seems that the company is looking forward to addressing the issue in the next version of the popular OS.

Uncovered secrets

Inventive users of the popular XDA Developers forum have announced that they were able to recover what appears to be a beta version of the in-development Android Q.

New gestures

Google seems to has found a solution that appears to be very intuitive. Android Q will remove the back button and replace it with a pill-shaped home button. This pill-shaped menu can be tapped to switch back to the home screen. Moving the pill towards the left will allow users to navigate to the previous screen and dragging it to the right will launch the task manager. Other gestures are also included. A long press on the pill button will start the Google Assistant. A long swipe up will open the app drawer.

This system sounds way better than the current navigational system, but it is likely that Google wanted to test the waters before a UI revamp was introduced. The feedback received by the company will be harnessed to deliver a more enjoyable experience for future users. The users are now familiar with the gesture-based system, and an improved version will make them happy.

Release date

An early developer preview is usually revealed in Q2 during the Google I/O conference. The reveal of Android Pie took place a little earlier, and the trend could continue. It is likely that a stable version will become available in August.

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