Android to Come to Nintendo Switch?

It has been a while since Nintendo Switch has been launched, and we have only one question that has been bothering us ever since day one: can we use it on Android? We have been eager to find the answer for some time, and we think it is time we knew the answer. Keep reading if you want to know, too.

We can use Android on Nintendo Switch

Come one, we are talking about an ARM-based tablet, after all. It is a big thing. And here we are, two years later, we finally have an answer, and the answer is yes. Kind of. We think. The developers who managed to get the early version of Android Q  – that is running on Switch – are named Billy Laws and Max Keller. According to them, WiFi, Joy-Cons and Bluetooth, all work on it, which, technically, makes it one of the best Android gaming devices that is available out there at the moment.

How about GPU support for Nintendo Switch?

The GPU support is right now a work in progress. We will have to wait for a bit to see how things turn out. Trust us, you do not want to play PUBG on Switch right now – if it will run, and that is a big if.

Is this Android going to be good for everyday tasks?

We are not sure of the SD card slot, but we know that the USB-C dock and many other features are good to go. It is a good start, for those who are willing to be cautious before they start giving a new purpose to Switch for everything, from playing games, to everyday tasks and requests.


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