Firefox Lite 1.1.2 (10240) Update Is Now Available To Download

Recently, more and more companies decide to focus on less fortunate areas where users don’t have access to the latest technology. That is the reason why Lite versions have been created, and it appears that they do their job correctly. Mozilla also has a Lite version of the Firefox browser. Firefox Lite comes with a wide range of features, and it also adapts to the needs of your device. Now, Firefox Lite 1.1.2 (10240) update for Android is available to download with stability and performance improvements.

Firefox Lite Features

The Firefox Lite has plenty of functions. The browser manages to offer the speed you need when you browse the internet, and you won’t have to deal with lags. Firefox Lite can be installed on any device, as its size is incredibly small. The app only needs less than 4 MB, which means that you won’t need to clear your storage to get it.

Firefox Lite also cares about your privacy. The browser comes with tracking protection which allows you to stay safe when it comes to web trackers. More than that, private browsing is also an option, and no passwords, history or cookies are ever recorded while you are using this mode.

Ads are no longer a problem either. While they are not 100% blocked, most of them are removed. Advertisements will no longer cover your screen, and you won’t be distracted from reading the content of a site. There is also a night mode which should keep your eyes protected while you are navigating on the Internet at night.

Firefox Lite 1.1.2 (10240) Update Is Now Available To Download

If you have Firefox Lite installed on your device, it is essential that you keep your app up to date.

Firefox Lite 1.1.2 (10240) update comes with improvements and bug fixes, and it ensures a high-quality performance. You can allow the app to install updates automatically, or you can get them manually from Google Play Store or as an APK file.

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