Project Stream, Google’s Game Streaming Service, Might Launch In March

Game streaming has been around for a while, but its popularity has started to grow just in recent years. Veterans like Onlive pioneered the technology, but it was ahead of its time, and it failed to attract a reliable number of consumers. After Netflix popularized the concept of media streaming, new video game streaming services began to surface, prompting large companies like Sony, NVIDIA and Google to start their ventures. Now, Google’s game streaming service, Project Stream, might launch in March.

Sony took the first step by acquiring technology from Onlive and releasing the popular PlayStation Now service, which is available for PC and the PS4. NVIDIA is also working hard on its GeForce Now cloud gaming service which is currently in its beta stage.

Google is looking forward to joining the club, and Project Stream marked the first step into the world of game streaming. Project Stream allowed participating players to enjoy the brilliant Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey within the Chrome browser.

Google’s game streaming service, Project Stream, might launch in March

Running games like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey via Project Stream game streaming service is a bit intensive, and a fast broadband connection is needed to enjoy a smooth gameplay experience. However, the concept seems to be quite viable, and the transition to a fully-featured service could make many people from all over the world happy, as they will be able to enjoy AAA games without the need to opt for the pricey game streaming services that are currently available.

Now, some sources claimed that Google might announce its game streaming service during a keynote which is scheduled to take place in March. It is thought that technology showcased by Project Stream will power the initiative. Other sources suggested that Google would also release dedicated hardware solutions.

Google’s game streaming service, Project Stream, might become the first mainstream game streaming solution, an industry feat which has the potential to generate a substantial amount of profit for the company. Some people also said that proprietary controllers could accompany the potential dedicated hardware, but that remains to be seen. The GDC keynote will take place on March 19th.

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