Apex Legends: Please Make This Improvement as Soon as Possible

The launch of Apex Legends was a very impressive thing to happen in the world of online gaming. It’s true, the game kind of appeared out of nowhere, it got launched just when it was announced, but it came with some problems, too. However, those problems aren’t something we usually encounter in online gaming.

What’s the problem with Apex Legends?

There is one problem with this game, especially on PC. It usually crashes, but in mid-match, probably because of the issues with the graphics, or because of the possible loss of connectivity. Many players have talked about their problems on different forums, and it’s been said that they have fixed all the problems, but apparently, there are still problems.

Players are not really sure what’s the reason behind the crashes; they don’t know what to do to prevent them. And it’s awful to start a game and then have one of your members out.

Apex’s crashes show the biggest problem in the game. The company behind the game said that they were working on fixing the issues, and things seemed to be a bit better, especially because players who stalled out in the game showed that they needed more time to recover since the new update, and not crash and disconnect from the match. However, the crashes are still there, and they’re there frequently. They can ruin the entire game.

Apex Legends should make this improvement right now

And while they’re at it, they could also come with some improvements, like letting players rejoin the game when they get disconnected. It’s a feature that most games already have, and it could make the overall experience better for the players. It would be much easier to get through a crash if you’d be able to reconnect. This thing could be a huge deal for the company and the Apex Legends game.

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