Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC To Feature Xion

Square Enix did not hide the fact that Kingdom Hearts 3 would receive a post-launch DLC pack. However, now, we’ve just figured out that this Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC might bring Xion into the game.

Xion is a confusing character in the Kingdom Hearts series, and even those most enthusiastic fans might don’t have a clear idea about who this one is. We can explain to you who Xion is, but, be careful, spoilers are included, so if you haven’t played Kingdom Hearts 3 until the end, proceed on your own risks.

Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC To Bring Xion Into The Game

Xion pops up randomly near the end of the Kingdom Hearts 3 game, during one of the final fights against Organization XIII. Initially, Xion, a female character, is an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts 3, but her memory recovers, and she joins Sora in the battle against the evil organization.

Not much about how Xion returned to Kingdom Hearts 3 is offered in the main game. However, Square Enix plans to explain more about this character in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC.

“I think it’s something that people could guess, but we plan to explain it in downloadable content,” said Nomura.

Who Is Xion, More Specifically?

As said, Xion is a mysterious character in Kingdom Hearts, and her origins are still confusing even for those players who have played all the Kingdom Hearts entries. According to the game’s wiki, Xion is a Replica (clone) of Roxas (Sora’s Nobody), who was created using Sora’s memories.

Also, she’s always changing her appearance, even though, most commonly, she looks like Kairi. As for how she managed to come back to Kingdom Hearts 3, the story is even more confusing. One theory from the gamers is that Xion is one of the characters tied to Sora’s “heart,” but no one has seen her reviving from Sora’s “heart.”

Be it as it may, the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC would feature Xion, and it would also come with some decent explanation about how the character returned to the latest installment in the Kingdom Hearts series.

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