Fortnite Season 8 Bug Spotted: The Pickaxes Are Not Working

Fortnite Season 8 just launched with a new pirate-themed landscape, new skins and other content, and even with some secrets that the players have to uncover on their own. But it also seems that the eighth season of Fortnite rolled out with an annoying glitch. Apparently a Fortnite Season 8 bug makes the pickaxes useless for their purposes.

Many users turned to Reddit to complain about what it looks like a “game-breaking” error. Players from all over the world complain that they cannot farm materials or inflict any damages to in-game structures by using the pickaxes. Otherwise, bullets and explosives are damaging the buildings in Fortnite.

“Ok, for the past couple games, my pickaxe LITERALLY does not work. As much as I swing, nothing is breaking. I’m not lagging, and I can fire weapons/open doors just fine,” said TangyDestroyer, a Reddit user. And like him, many other Fortnite gamers are complaining about that.

Fortnite Season 8 Bug – Pickaxes Are Not Working Anymore In The Game

‘There’s a new glitch where ill start a new game and my pickaxe doesn’t work. I can build and shoot walls and all that but cant farm materials or break walls with it. Also, console KBM sensitivity slider is gone,” reported another Fortnite player on Reddit.

But this Fortnite Season 8 bug that makes pickaxes useless in the game might not be the only one. Some players also reported that the so-called “party assist” is also faulty, while others complained that the Battle Pass of the new season is the worst ever in Fortnite.

While Epic Games said nothing about the possible Fortnite Season 8 bug, the glitch seem to affect players on all platforms. Most likely, Epic Games, which has always listened to Fortnite fans, will soon look into the issue and will release a hotfix as soon as possible if indeed the game is faulty.

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