Updated – New Brawl Stars Maintenance: Night Witch Mortis Bug, Gene Gets Buffed!

Update! The game should work now, although there are some players reporting ‘connecting to server’ screen getting stuck. The Brawl Stars team hasn’t commented on this issues yet, but we’re keeping an eye on their announcements and we’ll be back with a new update ASAP.

On 26 February we saw the Brawl Talk presented by Ryan and we saw the many changes that will be coming to the game this week and the first part of March. As with all games with a huge player base, whenever the developer introduces something as little as a skin in a game, things can go wrong.

This is what happened on 27 February in Brawl Stars, when the balance changes went live and the Starter Packs in the Shop were bugged. Hours later, it was all fixed and players could finally get to play the game.

If you haven’t seen the latest balance changes, check them out HERE.

1st March Maintenance – Adjusting Mortis and Buffing Gene

Here are a couple of Tweets the Brawl Stars team posted just a few minutes ago:

Maintenance inbound! We’re squashing a couple bugs and adjusting the price for Mortis’ skin to be 59 Gems for a limited time. In addition, Gene’s Magic Hand will now grab Turrets and Healing stations!

Hey Brawlers, we’ve got a bug involving the Night Witch Mortis Shop offer. We’ve had to temporarily remove the skin from the shop. It will return at 59 Gems soon!

This all happened a couple of hours after Night Witch Mortis was released to the game. As soon as the game is back up, players can grab this rather interesting skin for only 59 Gems, for a limited time. If you’ve been gathering gems for a special occasion and you’re a Mortis player, you must get this skin!

We will keep you updated when everything gets back to normal and yay GENE is getting buffed! Now we can grab Turrets and Healing stations with his Magic Hand!

And check this out! We’re dying over here!

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