Brawl Stars Siege: Things to Keep in Mind When Playing the Mode

Always when it comes to a new game mode in Brawl Stars, the player will need some time to get used to it. This is the first time they are dealing with Siege, so there are many tactics out there that are being discovered right now.

Siege mode: what’s there to know?

Siege is the latest event that was introduced in the game by Supercell. It’s a combination of the previous games, with some plot twists from time to time. You can destroy the other team in Heist mode, and grab bolts that appear randomly in the middle of the map, just like in Gem Grab.

The plot twists stay in damaging each other’s safes, when you need to get bolts and make a huge robot. You will need this robot, because you won’t be able to go to your enemy’s zone without having it.

Collect all the bolts

You cannot lose if you’re in control of your bolts. You also need to have more bolts than your enemy does in the game. Every minute, the team that has most of the bolts will get the Siege and the giant robot.

Attack the robot

If your team didn’t get many bolts, and, of course, the enemy has a huge robot, then you should attack it. The vault comes with turrets that will destroy the robot, but you will need to help it as much as you can.

Confuse the robot

If you are courageous enough to walk up to the robot as if you were in your zone, you will distract the robot, and it will swing for you. If you think of your movements very carefully, your team can do some serious damage to the enemy’s robot, before it gets to safety.


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