Destiny 2: We Have News About the Pinnacle Weapons in Season of the Drifter

There are new weapons set to come for Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter. Bungie has given us some details about the three new weapons for strikes, Gambit and Crucible. Pinnacle weapons are those guns that have unique advantages for some of the certain activities. Just like those from the previous season, for you to get these guns, you’ll need to lengthy quest lines. These quests will be available for all the players.

The pinnacle Oxygen SR3 in Destiny 2

The pinnacle weapon is Oxygen SR3, and it’s going to be an Omolon scout rifle. It will come together with a Dragonfly, which will give you more precisions when it comes to creating explosions. But there’s one perk that makes the Dragonfly even better, with more damage, and it is based on the number of headshots that a player can land before the actual explosion.

Bungie did not give many details about the quest, but we know that the previous Vanguard quest required players to make the kills with a certain kind of weapon and you’ll need complete strikes. The Oxygen SR3 quest will probably be similar.

The Crucible pinnacle in Destiny 2

This one is The Recluse, and it’s going to be a Veist submachine gun. It comes with a one of a kind Rampage perk, which will increase the weapon damage after a kill. Also, with The Recluse, any weapon’s damage will increase for a brief time.

The Gambit pinnacle in Destiny 2

This one is 21% Delirium, which is going to be a Suros machine gun. This one also has a one of a kind version of Rampage perk. Kills will not increase the damage for a brief time, but it will increase the damage until you reload the gun.

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