Apex Legends Leaked Online One Year Ago, But Nobody Believed It As True

Eleven months ago, on Reddit, there a map for Apex Legends leaked, but the community dismissed it quickly. Hiticonic, a Redditor, uploaded the map image along with a caption saying “alleged minimap for rumored Titanfall Battle Royale game.” Now, a new subreddit was created by another Redditor about the leak. Now, that allowed Hiticonic to receive some belated upvotes.

Probably such a lukewarm reception was not in Redditor Hiticonic’s mind when he posted a map of a Titanfall-related Battle Royale game. Some opinions stated that it is “fake,” “it’s not real,” “I really hope this doesn’t happen” so the topic was deflated rapidly, and, after amassing 14 comments, it faded into obscurity.

However, Fubbles22, another Redditor decided to take another look at the leak which has been proven to be linked to Apex Legends, the gaming smash hit of the year, so far.

Apex Legends Leaked Online One Year Ago, But Nobody Believed It As True

The fact that Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts were lucky here can’t be denied at all in this case. Even though some rumors suggested that a Battle Royale game would be based on the Titanfall universe, and people would keep sharing them just before surprisingly Apex Legends was unleashed upon it, it would have been challenging for Respawn to keep hidden the details of the game for so long if the leak from 11 months ago had gained traction.

Respawn has acknowledged the luck they had. Jay Frechette, the community manager of the company, admitted regarding the new subreddit that “it was a relief to see folks blow it off.” Hiticonic, the original leaker, had denied being either a former or a current Respawn employee.

In the image below you can see on the right the leaked Apex Legends map which was incorrectly orientated and that is why it was believed not to be accurate.

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