Kingdom Hearts 3: DLC Will Make Things Interesting

We heard that we would get more content for Kingdom Hearts 3 this year, and it’s pretty official since we got the news from Tetsuya Nomura. We will also get premium and free DLC, and both will come with updates to the role-playing game.

According to an interview, Nomura stated that the company would add to the game a Critical Mode, and it will come as a free update in the next months. Fans remember it as the top of the challenges in this game series, due to the fact that it restricts the strength, abilities, and health of the player. Data miners out there shared with us some files, giving us details about the Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode.

Why the paid DLC in Kingdom Hearts 3?

With the paid DLC, you will fill in some of the gaps from the story, and there are some in the Kingdom Hearts story. And truth be told, the secret movie and the epilogue only made things so much more complicated. We have many questions, and we see no answers. There should be a backstory added to the game so that it can change the perspective of the game.

The Critical Mode and some other big updates are usually introduced in the re-releases of the game, known as Final Mixes. However, Nomura said that he’d want to release this content sooner.

He stated that they have prepared a separate Final Mix package for release, but that they’re also thinking about doing some of the additional content as DLC.

It’s worth remembering how much we waited for the first version of Kingdom Hearts 3. We don’t want just to sit around and wait for another version to be released. For now, we cannot do anything but simply wait.


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