Clash Royale March Update Is Live: The New Meta

The Supercell team behind Clash Royale has been working on the latest balance update which was announced three days ago and it just went live a few hours ago. The maintenance for this update took about an hour. Let’s see the changes introduced in Clash Royale today, and how they affect your gameplay and current deck builds.

Buffing and Nerfing Cards

If players felt like “they always nerf the favorite cards,” it’s because maybe, just maybe they’re too powerful.

  • The Barbarians’ HP got nerfed but the troop count increased to 5.
  • Also, the X-Bow’s HP got buffed so that it can be at least a little more successful than before, and be used as an alternative to Mortar.
  • Bomb tower gets Death Damage Bomb – 2x Area Damage
  • Wall Breakers are faster in hit speed, so they become a priority and you must act quickly!
  • Finally, the Goblin Gang, Rascals, Bats, Barbarians get a 0.15 second delay in deploy time between troops.

Just by looking at the comments on the Reddit thread on the balance update, we can affirm that most of the players are angry and confused about the nerfs and buffs after experiencing them in the game.

Some players have a problem with Rascal girls landing before boys and making them a target, instead of the tankier boys that can resist an attack from the charging prince, dark prince and so on. However, while some people say this is a glitch or a mistake of the devs, others suggest that the right timing works with the new rascals.

In conclusion, everyone will just have to rethink a new meta, or you could just check your ideas of new decks with Deck Shop on Twitter. Orange Juice’s Pavelfi has a total of 18 best decks that work with the latest balance update.

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