Aether Wars – 10,000 Player Battle To Make Gaming History on 9th March

Aether Wars is run by Hadean, the British tech firm that wants to break game records by hosting a 10,000 player battle on PC. Their decision was meant to work as a stress-test for the Aether Engine. The sign-ups for the battle went live on their website.

The gaming engine lets developers create games of huge scales and fidelity, writes their presentation:

Aether Engine is a pioneering cloud-based simulation engine. Its novel design means that Aether Engine can dynamically use thousands of cloud servers as one 3D space simulation. It means a huge evolution for existing genres like MMORPG and the creation of brand new gameplay experiences too!

Aether Wars Engine to Be Presented at GDC 2019

The engineering team will discuss their tech at the Game Developer’s Conference 2019 where senior staff will talk about the future of multiplayer gaming and their new tech.

Aether Wars will be available to players on 9th March, for free, with no microtransactions or loot boxes:

Secure your place in the first 10,000+ player battle of its kind. It will be the biggest, online, PvP battle the universe has ever seen, only made possible using the pioneering Aether Engine technology.

The firm wants to set the record and hit the 10,000 player mark. The previous record of a multiplayer battle was set by EVE Online. The reputation of Hadean is at stake here, so if the engine proves to handle such a massive battle, the Aether Engine will be the number one choice of future games.

Aether Wars was inspired by EVE Online – it is based in space, features pilots that use spacecraft that will fight each other. The trailer video can be seen on the official website, which has only gathered about 4,000 views – well under the record they’re aiming for.

Hadean explains on their website that this “game” will only serve the big purpose of showcasing the tech of their engine, so if you want to be part of their effort and get involved in the world record, sign up on the Aether Wars page and check back here for updates on the game.

I’ll just sign up and play it just out of pure curiosity, even if I might die in the first few seconds!

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