Brawl Stars v.16.176: Improvements and Bug Fixes Live

One of Supercell‘s popular games is getting an optional update. So far, since the long maintenance update on 1st March, things have been quiet in Brawl Stars. But just a few hours ago, the developers have shared a few information with the players on the improvements and fixes that are now live.

The latest optional update for Brawl Stars is v.16.176, and it has been released even as an APK file – you can sideload it from APK Mirror – the file is only 98.96 MB.

Here are the improvements added to Brawl Stars – they even add a fix for Carl’s ammo indicator, and the Brawler is not yet in game!

Carl ammo indicator is now center aligned

Use bigger textfield in event details popup if no event modifiers present

Fix to Pam super effect displaying upside down if playing on the mirrored side

Added missing outline to gem-grab countdown text

Siege also gets a few improvements in this update:

Siege now shows the Siege Bot health bar in the top hud when Siege is active

Improvements to spectate in Siege

Texts fixes and Siege texts improvements

The following bugs have been fixed:

    Fixed trophy icon overlap in battle end screen when 10+ trophies

The team has also fixed a few bugs that crashed the game.

As for Carl, we will surely see him in the following days, considering the team at Brawl Stars said it should be here in mid-March.

And talking about Carl, stay close for our incoming guide on how, and when to choose him to defeat your enemies and win the game!

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  1. Dear brawl stars . Can you please give me some new brawlers,because i dont have any luck with it .I just want penny ,rico,frank and spike. That’s all i want from you . Just give me those brawlers that i wrote please from San Ferhad .

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