Nintendo Switch Would Not Get Xbox Game Pass After All

The gaming industry offers people unlimited possibilities, and this makes it interactive and ready to reach every need. During the last few weeks, Nintendo fans have been dreaming about the chance to play Xbox games on their consoles. But, according to some rumors, Nintendo Switch would not get Xbox Game Pass after all.

This idea was strengthened by the rumors stating that Microsoft might bring the Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch equipment. However, the information was not confirmed, and it looks like people who were hoping to benefit from this partnership are in for a big disappointment.

It looks like the Xbox Game Pass might not come to Nintendo Switch

There is no doubt that we would like to see the two giants from the gaming industry joining forces with the common purpose of giving their fans opportunities to enjoy more intense experiences. However, it looks like this won’t happen any time soon. Despite the latest rumors, reliable sources claim that Game Pass won’t be Nintendo Switch’s new addition.

The same experts say that this doesn’t mean that Xbox games can never be played on Nintendo consoles. Microsoft expressed their will to bring the Game Pass on TVs, PCs and other equipment. XCloud will make this process a lot easier, but it will take a while until it actually happens.

Again, this is another rumor. Like we mentioned before, the contradiction leaves room for interpretation and a lot of question marks: will Nintendo Switch be getting the Xbox Game Pass or not? Since official sources have not confirmed that information about this association, we can conclude that the Xbox Game Pass won’t be Nintendo Switch’s future improvement.

If Xbox Game Pass doesn’t come to Nintendo Switch at all, we might witness other collaborations between Microsoft’s consoles and their rivals. We will share further information on this matter as soon as we know more. Stay tuned!

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