Red Dead Online Update: New Classic Weapon from the Original Game to Come

It seems that Rockstar Games is looking to release more and more updates for Red Dead Online. Red Dead Online is the multiplayer part of the game Red Dead Redemption 2, that includes a throwback of the initial, original game, named Evans Repeater Rifle.

There is a new weapon in town, guys

The update comes with a new weapon, from the original Red Dead Redemption game, which you can get from the catalog from the game, or from a gunsmith. The company describes the Evans Repeater Rifle as a powerful rifle, that come with a high bullet capacity that can be fatal at long distances.

Players of Red Dead Online will want to get the new rifle if they feel competitive in the new free roam event of the game, called Fool’s Gold. The company has announced the event in the update of the game from the 26th of February. They promised a new mode, in which players will fight to wear a golden suit of armor, and then try to beat as many enemies as they can while wearing the suit.

Why you should log into the game this week

It is very important that you log into Red Dead Online this week since you will get a free care package. You will find these next items in the package. You can get it from the camp, or from the post office of the game:

High Velocity Pistol Ammo x60

High Velocity Repeater Ammo x60

Fire Bottles x2

Fire Arrows x8

Jolly Jack’s x2

Potent Horse Medicine x2

Lake Lure x1

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