The Alliance Alive HD Remaster Announced for These Platforms

The latest Weekly Famitsu shows that The Alliance Alive HD Remaster will come for PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch. According to the source, it will launch in Japan this fall. The game first launched for 3DS in Japan, in January 2017.

NIS America will be the host of a video presentation of the game on the 11th of March, when they will announce the western localization of the game, together with other titles.

The 3DS version also had it all

Thousands of years ago, Daemons invaded our world. The conquered our world and created the Great Barrier to separate the kingdoms. They created a binding in the form of a cross across the ocean, absorbing many cities. The entire humanity was destroyed. Years later, the world was about to change again.

Behind the scenes of The Alliance Alive HD Remaster

It was written by Yoshitaka Murayama, and designed by Kyoji Koizumi, and was directed by Masataka Matsuura. Its composer was Masashi Hamauzu. Players are to explore the sense of nostalgia that is delivered by these games. The story is amazing, and it comes with nine characters. It’s a strategic game, and most fans cannot wait for the game to return.

The world is full of secrets to discover, so players will need to create guilds in the four kingdoms, while they’re fighting the Daemons, too. You might also need to use the ignition system, which is part of the turn-based combat. It lets you customize the gameplay, for you to give the devastating Final Strikes. You will have to think all the fights in order to win strategically.

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