Anthem Updated Would Roll Out Next Week With Critical Fixes

Anthem is either considered total oblivion or a cause that needs more time, but to BioWare’s credit, they are trying to fix the issues as fast as possible. The developers had a stream yesterday where they talked about what will be happening in the upcoming patch from this month while playing the game.

An Anthem update is going to roll out next week to fix some of the game’s bugs. Also, a similar patch will launch for PlayStation 4 to address Anthem issues that cause the consoles to crash.

Anthem Updated Would Roll Out Next Week With Critical Fixes And Many Changes

The patch will be released on 12th of March and here is what it consists of:

  • Fixes for lots of general crashes, especially the ones in PS4s. The issue that would shut the console could not damage it permanently.
  • The level 1 rifle outperforming endgame weapons it is not a hard-to-fix bug, and that happens too.
  • Many sections in missions received a 30 second respawn timer so in case your teammates do no respawn you, you can do it yourself.
  • No matter you are in the Fort you can launch missions instead of getting all the way to your Javelin.
  • Overheating and crashing into walls will have some reduction the animation time.
  • After level 30 there will no longer be Uncommon and Common items dropping.
  • Regarding the dead Quickplay missions, they think a lot of the bugs were fixed.
  • However, a “random Stronghold” option has appeared.
  • There was also a bug causing some sound cutting, and they think they fixed it.
  • Server shutdown messages will no longer annoy you that much.
  • People will no longer be blocked behind walls by glitches.
  • You will no longer face the bug that made it look like your ultimate bar is full.
  • You will do more damage to Titans when you prime them.
  • Mark of Ruin and Gunslinger’s Mark work now.
  • Melees and Ultimates will do more damage at higher levels.
  • Now the ranger grenade cooldown component works.
  • Ranger dome and wind wall in higher difficulties actually block damage now.

Remember, this Anthem update will come out for all platforms on March 12th.

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