Facebook: What’s with the Device That Could Read Minds?

It seems that Facebook is currently working on projects that aren’t really that good. Its responses are not the best. The company is working on a mind-reading machine that can help in navigating AR by using their thoughts. The project wants to research augment human capabilities, but we can already see all the problems with privacy issues.
Zuckerberg talked to Jonathan Zittrain, who’s a Harvard Law school professor about many topics, which included the Brain-Computer Interface that Facebook is currently working on.

He said that the researchers from Facebook are currently working on a device that will be able to detect neural activity and will let people control and navigate with augmented reality, without having to move or to say anything. First, the device was seen as a ‘brain-mouse’, at Facebook’s 2017 F8 Developer’s conference.

How could it work in reality?

The neutral activity that could be detected by the device will be transmitted to glasses or headsets, which are made by Oculus VR (which is owned by Facebook). This will then allow users to navigate through AR and then interact with other digital additions, such as 3D figures or texts – all into real landscapes.

Will the device be private?

No one really knows how the device will be able to read thought and control the AR apps, but Zuckerberg says it will all be private. He told Zittrain that, in order to build things for everyone to use, you might want to create non-invasive things. The device will be like a shower-cap for detecting brain activity.

The device will be five times faster than our brains

In theories, our brains create enough data to stream 4 HD movies every second. Zuckerberg said that their system could let you type right from your brain five times faster than you can type on your phone.

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