Super Smash Bros Ultimate To Get Shrek And New Game Modes

The relatively new Super Smash Bros Ultimate has quickly become a very popular game. Based on the latest rumors, the game will have some additions in a future update. The future update will contain a stage builder and a new game mode. Also, Shrek would come to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

The YouTube Channel Source Gaming provided this information where within the ‘How To Play’ section of Ultimate, it reveals what the data miners have found in some of the files of the game. One of the files mentions the home run contest mode while the first file is “howtoplay_stage_builder.html,” referring to a mode in which you can construct your one stage.

We can be sure that these modes will be in the following Super Smash Bros Ultimate update in the future as these placeholders offer us enough evidence. There are some speculations from Source Gaming that suggest that version 3.0 will include these updates. That version is the same one that was teased by Nintendo during its most recent Direct presentation.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate To Get Shrek And New Game Modes

As this news is so crucial for the fans of Super Smash Bros, some of them decided to talk about these potential additions.

One of them says that the game would become better if the Home Run Contest and Melee style Break The Targets are included so it being DLC does not really matter as this player needs this introduction as soon as possible.

Another such player suggests that they expected this to happen because there is an image blurred out in the Direct and it looks similar to a stage. With that being said, the player would either get more returning stages or a stage builder. The last player expressing their opinions about this topic says that they can’t believe it until the developers talk about it themselves. They think that it would be better if people would no longer believe in rumors, hackers or data miners. It would be best to ignore them.

Also, rumors say that Shrek would come to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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