Galaxy Note 10: Why Should I Get It Instead of Galaxy S10

We’ve written this article to tell you why you need to keep your money for Galaxy Note 10.


Galaxy S10 has come with some new things. Every model comes with UFS 2.1 storage, even if Samsung has announced the commercial availability of UFS 3.0 – is actually twice as fast and even more efficient, which means that we won’t deal with battery drain anymore, as we used to.

The company has already confirmed the fact that Galaxy Fold will come with UFS 3.0 next month when it will get launched, the same with just every flagship phone that will come from now on. But we don’t know much about the Galaxy S10 line-up.


We’ve seen how Galaxy S10 has the worst facial recognition that the last one and some tests this week have shown that the entire system can be fooled by anything. The models have been unlocked by a simple photo, a video, and even the sister of one user.

Samsung will probably try to fix it with numerous updates, but they might have to disable the facial recognition totally, and maybe to make the most out of the new in-display fingerprint reader.


It’s a well-known fact that the Galaxy S10 series is very expensive – even the new budget model. According to some new data, Galaxy S9 lost about 40% of its value in the first month, and more than 60% of its value simply disappeared in the first nine months.

You might want to wait a bit before you go ahead and buy the Galaxy S10 model. At least until they fix the facial recognition system, also, keep in mind that the new models come with UFS 3.0. The device is fine months away.


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