Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Already Very Popular And Sells Better Than The Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S10 trio, the newest set of flagship smartphones from Samsung, are the devices the fans of the company has been anticipating even before their launch was announced. This interest indeed showed when it came to the pre-orders. The records around the world are way higher than the South Korean tech giant expected.

Last month, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S10 smartphone series. It took the firm a while until they provided the smartphones for sale, but they began doing so all over around the world. Apparently, in a commercial matter, the flagships are pulling some serious weight. According to some reports, the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup already outsold their predecessor, the Galaxy S9 series, by a decent margin.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Already Very Popular And Sells Better Than The Galaxy S9

In South Korea, the home of Samsung, the start of the phones was slower than expected. In that region, the Galaxy S10 recorded lower day one sales compared to its predecessor. However, it is entirely different around the world. Some sources suggest that the Galaxy S10 smartphones from Samsung have broken the pre-order records in both the US and UK. However, that was entirely predictable for both these markets. For example, the majority of the sales come from the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup has just been released, and it is still early to talk about predictions, we can’t say that we do not see a lull in sales of these phones. There is a little chance that these phones will sell less than their predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S10 smartphones are expected by analysts to ship about 40 to 45 million units this year, making it a handy 30-35% bump in shipment numbers over the Galaxy S9 series.

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