Apple Wants to Launch a Video Streaming Service with Original Content

We’ve known for a while that Apple wants to release its own video streaming service. On Monday, Apple has talked about its plans for the 25th of March media event. They hinted that they have a lot on their plate when it comes to the Netflix-style streaming service they want to put together.

They sent invitations to journalists, and they also included a movie reel countdown, together with the message “It’s show time.”

They invest about $1 billion in this deal

The event that will take place at Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters is supposed to reveal the details of the company’s efforts to put together a streaming service with original videos. Its investment is of at least $1 billion.

Who will be there for Apple?

The company wants to make a diversity to its revenue base, and start fresh, considering the smartphone market declining situation. There are some reports that said that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon and the director of Star Wars, named J.J. Abrams would be there for Apple at their event.

The company is also thought to work on a subscription news service that’s meant to make the life of journalists easier.

They want to join Netflix and Amazon Prime in their original content battle

Cook has recently confirmed that Apple wants to make their own shows, and so, to compete with the original streaming content’s Netflix and Amazon Prime – we know how much these two have invested in their original content. The company said they really wanted to take part in the original content world.

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