Apex Legends Hidden Reload Animations Discovered

The release of Apex Legends took the world by storm. Fans fell in love with the fresh take on the favorite battle royale genre. The title was developed Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Now, some players discovered a series of hidden reload animations in Apex Legends.

The game was released in February, and it already reached 50 million downloads, breaking the record held by Fortnite in its first month. The game was well-received by gamers and reviewers alike, but it also had some issues in the recent days. More than 300,000 PC players were banned after they used popular hack programs to cheat and secure their victory. A series of mysterious crashes has also affected both PC and console gamers. Respawn has already pushed two patches which should address the problem, but it looks like they continue to persist.

A passionate gaming community has already formed with some of the members making some exciting discoveries. A series of posts on a popular forum platform explore the possibility of hidden reloads animations in Apex Legends, which could be found within the game files.

Apex Legends Hidden Reload Animations Discovered

One of the players has posted a video which shows a new G7 reload animation which hasn’t been seen before. It is not clear how the specific animation can be activated, but some believe that you have to consume the entire clip and then press the reload button. The validity of this method is questionable since repeating the same steps will trigger the normal reload animation.

Another player has posted a second video which features a different reload animation for the Peacekeeper shotgun. In this case, it seems that the new animation is activated when the in-game character only has one hand free. The discoveries have sparked a series of debates among player with many speculating that other hidden animations could be featured within the game. Veteran Titanfall 2 players noticed that the G7 animation pays homage to the game’s G2A5 rifle.

Apex Legends is available for free, but the latest rumors anticipate the announcement of a battle pass. It remains to be seen if the game will be able to maintain a substantial player database in the future.

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