Fortnite Update Adds A New Vehicle To The Game, The Baller

A new patch was recently launched for Fortnite, and it comes with a couple of exciting additions. Nonetheless, the latest vehicle added to the game is the one that received most of the attention. The newest vehicle is called The Baller, and, true to its name, it is like a giant hamster ball.

The new vehicle is a huge ball that has a Grappler on its front. The Baller is fast, and it can traverse all the obstacles in the game. In fact, the vehicle might be a bit too powerful. The Grappler is another useful tool, and players can use it for other players, structures, terrain and builds. The Grappler is also very fast, which is another significant advantage.

While the player is inside the Baller, it is safe from damage, and it can also move at high speed. Destroying the vehicle with weapon fire is possible, however.

Fortnite update brings The Baller, a new ultra-fast vehicle

If you combine the Boost function, the movement of the ball and the Grappler, you will get super speed. In fact, you can even get the ball to fly for a little bit. One player attached The Baller to his teammate, who then used to Cannon to send himself in the air. The Baller followed.

The new vehicle is excellent and players will definitely have a lot of fun with it. Nonetheless, the Baller might be a bit too good, and there’s a chance that it will cause some imbalance in the game. The Baller allows players to escape fights easily and it is straightforward to control it.

It remains to see whether the vehicle will be a permanent addition to the game. Fortnite might also decide to downgrade it a bit in the future if it proves to be an issue.

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