Apple: iPhone 11 to Come with Dark Mode?

We might need to say goodbye to the LCD technology soon. As you might already know, the price of the OLED displays has been decreasing in the past couple of years, and many companies want to implement the technology that comes with mid-range offerings. This might have an impact on the development of apps, games and on the operating systems.

Why most companies choose OLED instead of LCD?

OLED is able to turn off the black pixels, so many companies want to release Dark Mode with this new technology. It is true, there are many apps that already implemented the dark mode, but the OLED technology is even more common now, so it is understandable why most of the companies simply want to design interfaces that will help people at night.

Every major company, like Apple, Google or Samsung want to come with Dark Modes on their devices, from this year. Both Android Pie and Samsung’s One U have already started the work, and there are many rumors out there that Apple will work on this for iOS 13.

You have probably imagined how could a Dark Mode look on Android Pie, or on One UI. For Apple, there might be an entirely new story.

Is Apple going to change the icons?

If we are to take a look at the typical iOS icon set, we might think that it’s not perfect for a Dark Mode. The operating system was made with iOS’s colorful images in mind. So the question is if they are going to redesign the icons in order to give them dark backgrounds, while still managing to keep its original, colorful identity.

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