Days Gone Would Receive a DLC After Launch, Sony Bend Confirmed

Days Gone is a game that will be exclusively launched for PlayStation 4. The game takes the player to a post-apocalyptic world where he must learn how to survive. Days Gone is an open world game, and its map is based on the Oregon state. The game will be launched on April 26th, 2019.

The game can already be pre-ordered, and those who do that will receive early access to the Drifter Crossbow weapon. There will also be some upgrades for your bike, such as enhancements for nitrous, shroud, and the fuel tank.

It is also possible to pre-load the game if you choose the pre-order it. That means that you will be able to download it ahead of its launch so that it can be installed right away once the game is out, and you won’t have to wait for it.

Days Gone will receive a DLC soon after release, Sony Bend confirmed

Sony Bend has recently assured that the game will get a DLC, as well. David Lee, Sony Bend’s community manager, was the one who announced the DLC in an interview with the GamerBraves YouTube channel.

Lee explained that the DLC would become very obvious once players complete the game. “I think the main story will give that information to you, “explained Lee. “We have unannounced DLC, but we cannot tell you about it yet.

Even though the studio already planned DLC, this does not mean that the story will be an incomplete one. “With the main story, it should be sufficient enough to tell you the characters’ backstories that make you care for them one way or another, ” said Lee.

From his statements, we can guess that the Days Gone DLC will be a story DLC, but they will bring additional content to the game, too.

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